Sports Betting in Ontario

Ontario is home to a lot of sports betting sites. It is now the most attractive sports betting market. The legalization gives bettors the assurance to have fun and play safely in their preferred games or sports. The question is how Ontario residents experience the change in the industry?

Find The Best Sports Betting Sites in Ontario

Putting money at sports betting takes a lot of courage for bettors. Engaging in sports betting involves taking a risk; putting in money without any certainty that you will win. In Canada, sports betting is expanding with the rise of various sports betting sites. Several factors determine the demand for sports betting. Likewise, the introduction of eSports gained popularity in the industry. Digitization and technological developments, as well as the rise of smartphones, play a pivotal role in making the platform easy to use.

Sports Betting Statistic in Ontario

Ontario, being the most populous province in Canada attracts bettors through its share rate. Moreover, it placed Ontario in $4.076 billion (CAD). Also, its total earning revenue earned $162 million with online sports betting and poker wagers. Overall, operators have generated approximately $267 million or around 65% earnings.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Ontario?

The demand to legalize sports betting came out in 2021 due to the big wave in its market growth. As a matter of fact, Ontario was the first in Canada to stretch its sports betting market. The passing of Bill C-218 or “The Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act” in 2021 made way for provincial governments to manage their own single-event sports betting. Moreover, the province shares the same border with top sports betting places like Michigan and New York.

Popular Sports To Bet On in Ontario

In order to stay ahead in the competition, sports betting sites need to focus on developing their websites and providing exclusive deals. Take a look at the sports that most people choose to bet on:

  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Mixed Martial Arts

New Sports Betting Sites

There are a number of betting sites in Canada. To be able to regulate sports betting, Canada has its own regulatory body that oversees and ensures that sites are compliant to the standards. Which sports do Canadians like to take a bet on? What are the perks they offer? Here are the 5 best sports betting sites proven for their safe platform:

  1. NorthStar Bets — offers an excellent gaming and betting experience with its easy navigation features and strong brands.
  2. LeoVegas — supports fair betting with nearly 1,000 available games. Its privacy policy is transparent for safety.
  3. BetVictor — available throughout the world and has all types of casino games. It provides gamers with unique perks like parlays and bet builder.
  4. Bet99 — a sportsbook and a casino, best known for its top-quality service, and offers popular sports like hockey, volleyball, and football.
  5. RoyalPanda — has its own website launched in 2014. It has a user-friendly design with about 700 slots and with more than 1,000 games to play on.

Regulation in Ontario

With the huge support from gambling companies, Ontario is the top favourite for launching online sports betting first in Canada. In the past, Ontario residents need to access to a government website, the Proline+, in order to play. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario made it possible to regulate sports betting. With the support of all major sports leagues franchisee, this has made it even more secure to play.

Important Factors When You Choose a Sports Betting Operator

As the fastest-growing industry today, it is crucial to choose a well-run site. Furthermore, bettors should determine the important element in placing bets on their chosen sports or team. Here are the top 5 factors to consider:

  • Licensed and certified sports betting sites
  • Reputation of the sports betting site
  • User-friendliness feature of the website
  • Variety of sports to choose from
  • Amazing bonuses and perks

Play Safe

Placing a bet on your favourite sports or game is in fact undeniable. Playing is not easy at all. It is important to always seek for licensed and reputable sites when playing. To be able to increase the chance of winning, bettors should have a lot of insights on the best sports betting site. Creating a shortlist of the best sites will be of good help. More importantly, choosing the best options will keep you safe and secure.